Membership for 2018

Membership Fees

The full range of membership fees for 2018 is as follows:


DAYTIME SENIOR (Weekdays only – 9am -6pm):  £85

25 & UNDER or STUDENT IN FULLTIME EDUCATION (see note 1):  £66

SUMMER STUDENT (see note 2):  £30

SENIOR STATUS JUNIOR (see note 3):  £47 

JUNIOR 18 and under (see note 4):  £24 



  1.  Valid NUS card required
  2.  Student returning home from university for summer vacation (3 months)
  3.  By invitation only
  4. Juniors will need to join if they are not receiving coaching through GSM Leisure

Fees are also indicated on the membership form, please click on link below for printable document, it will open in a new window.

If you wish to join as member, please fill in the form and follow instruction for submission. Thank you.

For any other details, please contact Treasurer Caroline Roe (email:

If you are a new member joining late in the season, a pro–rata reduction can be applied.

Club Rules

 The smooth running of the club requires members to adhere to the club rules, below are downloadable documents for your keeping: