Junior Results/Awards

Charnwood tennis club prides itself on it's strong and thriving junior section.

Below are a list of recent successes at club and county level, including match reports were available.

Brian Lee trophy - Junior player of the year

Charnwood Junior Club tournament





East Midlands Performance Challenge Winners 2009 (Event report)

Leicestershire Mini Tennis (Event report)

(Champion** Runner-up*)

Red - Winners

Orange - Winners

Green - Winner

Leicestershire U12 Boys Doubles Runner-up

Leicestershire U15 Boys Doubles Runner-up

Alex Zaman

(Boys, Girls)

Ed Gossage, Evie Lester

Riley Cliff, Sarah Stevens

Tom Nevill, Irina

Conal King, Sophie Matthews

Stephanie Addison, James Gossage, Louis Green, Anna Chesca, Olivia Wagstaff, Billy Fieldhouse

Evie Lester**, Stephanie Addison*, James Gossage, Riley Cliff

Anna Chesca**, Katie Gradon*, Louis Green, Matthew Howse

Olivia Wagstaff

Tom Nevill

Harry Lester