Wednesday 17th October at 7.30 - 9pm

In Aid of Princes Trust Charity

£7 each includes Pimms/Beer/Soft drink

Places are limited so book your place fast by payment of the £7 entry fee handed to me or via BACS (SC: 07-00-30 Acc: 95187793)

Further information of how the play goes:

- Doubles matches

- Mix around after each round

- Men & Women

- Timed matches

- If the score reaches 3 points all, it’s a sudden death point. The receiver chooses which side to take the serve on.

- If the serve clips the net and lands in the service box, there’s no let and the ball is in play - either player can play the ball.

- Power Play - once during your match each team can call 'power play'. This gives the team calling the power play the chance to win 3 points in place of 1.

So, get signed up for the fun!

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